You Think You Know Frustration?

You think you know frustration?  You think you have it so so bad?  Think again!  Someone out there has it worse off. Ask that young man who sits at home day after day, with no where to go, application after application submitted, uncle after uncle visited, promises after promises made, yet none fulfilled. Ask the …


Is there really an easy profession?


Remember before you talk down about that course, profession, remember the plumber who fixes the leak in your pipe is as important as the teacher who enlightens minds. The computer guru is as important as the writer. The Igbo teacher is also as important as the one who helps the health. The pianist is as important as the one who controls traffic. NO profession is a WASTE!!!

You Should Read This Story Of Food And I At A Nigerian Wedding I Attended!

I attended a friend's wedding recently and to an extent, it was fun. But you know in Nigeria, a wedding is considered imperfect if item 7 falls short of inspection. Yes! At this friend's wedding, everything was gorgeous and I mean gorgeous. The decor, the bridesmaids' dresses, aso-ebi. Everything was on point. But at the …

Carve That Niche!

Over time I've come to observe that one thing about successful people is that they operate in the areas in which they have the greatest strength. They carve a niche for themselves in that particular area and go on to make the best of it. Successful people tend to ooze confidence. They just know that …