So, the bulb in our bedroom got bad and I went on a quest with my sister to get a new one. After moving from one shop to the other, we finally decided to buy from a woman after we had realised that the price of bulb had not been hyped by the previous shops we had wanted to buy from but that a bulb actually was now so expensive. So we got one, paid and returned home. I was the bulb fixer, while my sister stood by the switch waiting.

My sister was like that. She hated the dark though I saw nothing weird in being in a dark room. She was actually the one who had forced me to join her in getting a new bulb. “How can we not have light in our room?” she constantly lamented. I finally got tired and consented. You can imagine the glee on her face as she stood waiting for me to finish fixing the bulb. I climbed on a high stool, removed the glass protection, unscrewed the old bulb, handed it over to my sister, and tried to fix in the new one. I kept trying but it wouldn’t go in.

“it won’t go in. the screws are different.” My sister said eventually as we both tried to find out why the bulb was being difficult. “Different? How?” I asked. It finally dawned on me also that we had bought the wrong bulb. It wouldn’t go in because a screw bulb had been designed to fit into the lamp holder. “ohhhhhh God! So we have to go back? I just hope she collects it” I said as I came down the stool. “Why won’t she? What would we use it for, if she doesn’t?” my sister responded. We went back to the shop and luckily enough, there wasn’t any problem. The lady agreed to change it to what we wanted and we returned home.

As the Agent in charge of Bulb Fitting and fixing, I climbed my stool again and….. it fit! My sister turned the switch and our room was enveloped in light. “you see, our room is now beautiful! See what light does.” She said as she smiled widely. I had no choice but to smile back, after all, to be sincere, It did feel good to have light back.  Later that day, as I was about to turn in to bed, the events of the day came playing back and I recalled the bulb episode. I thought about the economic situation of Nigeria; mere bulb now cost so much? I also thought about what difference light brings to an atmosphere. But above all, I thought of the bulb, the different types, the lamp holder and all of that.

 I tried to make an analogy. I decided to see the lamp holder as our being, our life, our person,- the bulb as friends, peer group, society,- the light as positive outcome.

-You see in life, as an individual, you are one unique and different being. God made you just to be that. EXCEPTIONAL! The problem comes because not everybody realises that. People think that they are wired the same way with others which causes problems and sometimes, these problems are unsolvable. Like the lamp holder, we are designed by God in a unique way and only the right things or people will bring out our full potential.

-in life, we would meet different people. Society would try to influence us, friends would try also but the moment one realizes that not every thing that comes our way is right for us is the moment of truth. Just like the bulb couldn’t go into the lamp holder even after all our efforts, someone or something that isn’t right for you will only waste your time and at the end, not give you your desired result.

-Remember the process- looking for a bulb, buying it, getting back home, trying to fix it and then  having to go get another one which then eventually worked. Sometimes, after you realise what mistake you have made, you have to try to make amends. Do not always think that that is the end of the road. Imagine if we had just thrown the bulb away, thinking that the lady in the shop wouldn’t have accepted it back. The truth is we would have bought another bulb, maybe not that day but later and our’ light’ would have been delayed. We would have wasted money, time for what we could have gotten with patience/wisdom.

-Another important thing that occurred to me is that we weren’t knowledgeable enough, being “unknowledgeable” can be as a result of forgetting the important details and just focusing on achieving the result as we did. We forgot that a lamp holder comes in different types. We were more focused on the fact that we wanted light. Hence, we did not check to confirm what sort of lamp holder it was before going to buy a bulb. Our negligence made a lot of time get wasted before we eventually got our light.  EVERY DETAIL IS IMPORTANT!

-Also important is the fact that we would always need someone to cheer us on. That person could be a friend, a parent, a brother or a sister (younger, older), when you meet that person, you would know.  My sister nagged me till i gave in and decided to get a new bulb. At times, we need that push but the key is getting YOUR PUSH from the right source.

-At the end LIGHT came. When a result is achieved, the process to getting the result now becomes an experience. Joy comes, bringing understanding and peace.

Know yourself, know your worth, not everything or everyone will be for you. The ability to be able to discern what is right for you, with the leading of God and wisdom is what matters the most.



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