So beautiful, they said
Just like a young Tyra banks,
See the eyes! The nose!
Perfect art thou!
They gushed.

The neatly trimmed and drawn brows,
the exaggerated eyes,
the well contoured nose and cupid bow,
the highlight, the perfectly coloured lips,
the lashes, so light, long and curly.
Everything to perfection.
All these they appreciated.
Perfection, they called it
Imperfect, she knew she was.

What a body!
So perfect
Like that of a greek god
Just like a goddess,
Perhaps Venus!
They affirmed.
The padded bras, the padded bum,
The girdles, the six-packs vest,
Everything to perfection
All these they appreciated.
Perfection, they saw.
She knew…
He knew..
The truth!

Her shop!
So full of wares.
Very wealthy woman’
Sewing items, she sold
Rainbows of colours
Threads and materials
Yards, lengths,
She had all.
She must be very wealthy!
Perfection they saw!
All these they appreciated.

Yes sir! She said as she curtseyed.
Everything you buy and sell
Must be recorded in this book
To the last kobo.
I will lock you out
If a kobo misses.
Do not be deceived;
My wife you are,
but my shop-keeper
You always will be too!

Her life, it was
To dress beautifully, to serve and worship this man
After all, wasn’t it he who had paid for
her to be learned? Well, he sure had got his money’s worth.
A maid!
Perfection, they saw. Perfection, they called it.
What she called it, she kept to herself.

So poor
So ordinary
No class.
Just look at him,
Not dapper.

Just as you wanted,
Your inheritance has been donated to the
Marvellous Babies Motherless home.
Since you have decided to be so foolish,
you will live like a beggar for the rest of your life.
Not one of us will help you.
Now, get out!
His father yelled…

A long time ago,
It was
When I chose to leave all,
My inheritance,
My name,
The wealth
And begin again
That was perfection to me
Imperfect, It might seem to all.
Perfect, it is to me.

Foolish is what she is!
A very lucrative job she left behind
In the name of self-employment
She can never be rich.
Imperfect! Foolish!
They concluded.

I choose to leave
This body, I refuse to trade
Not for mighty positions or
Fat accounts,
I leave of my own will
I leave when I still have the chance.
Perfection, this is.
“Imperfection!” they call it.

An illusion,
I think it really is
What is as it appears?
Nothing! I think.
Oh look! Seek! Find!
There is a mystery, a secret, a reason
Nothing is as it seems!
Imperfection, you call it,
Perfection, I think it is.
Perfection, you call it
Imperfect, I believe it is.
Look! Find!
Seek! Know!


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