I love me. Do you love you?

Can self love ever be over emphasized? I think not.

It is alarming to note the rate at which people these days find everything wrong about themselves but never see imperfections in other people. The only imperfect people they know are themselves. I am not trying to celebrate or promote narcissism but the truth is people need to embrace self love. Yes! you are permitted to love up on yourself. It is not a crime, you know.

I have come to realize that there is no human that wasn’t created in a unique manner; that is to fulfill purpose. No matter what you think, you are an enigma in your own way and someone out there looks up to you. Has it ever crossed your mind that someone somewhere envies or long for that exact thing you hate about yourself? Yes, someone does.

So in celebration of self love, i am going to mention just five things i know are gorgeous about ME. I repeat that this post is not to promote pride but to encourage someone out there to start loving up on him or herself and to erase self doubt. So as you read, think about yourself, let your mind wander into your soul and dig up those lovely qualities about yourself you long buried. So here we go:

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  1. I have a beautiful smile. Yes, permit me to say so myself but my smile is dashing. It is just the perfect cure for a sad heart. You might want to rush down to see me the next time you feel burdened. It’s bad like that.
  2. Okay, i have a beautiful mind. God blessed me with a good head and heart. I reason well, i think deeply and do not make hasty decisions. Oh yes, it is another beautiful quality of mine.
  3. I have amazing hair. Let me crush on this mane for a bit. Yes, i know my hair is amazing. I don’t long for that of another person. I have mine and i ensure i look after it to make it look more better. I’m blessed, yea?
  4. I have a unique presence. I am a different soul. You just have to know me to love me…Hehehe. Self love right?
  5. I am a great cook. I do not have time to compare my culinary skills to that of another person. I am always willing to try new recipes and learn from mistakes, Yes, it is an amazing quality.

Okay! i have to stop here. I will continue crushing on myself after i post this. The truth is no one has it all, no individual is perfect. Embrace your flaws, love your life, correct what you can and most importantly, BE HAPPY!


2 thoughts on “I love me. Do you love you?

Add yours

  1. I simply love the “cooking” part of the self love. Learning to love yourself is the greatest love of all. Trust me, you need to compare your culinary prowess with mine.
    You’d be in for a pleasant surprise!


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