Is there really an easy profession?

Is there really an easy profession? This question sure takes a lot of thought and if one isn’t careful, you could give the wrong answer.

Growing up, older folks used to say that the most honourable professions were the lawyers, doctors, engineers and the revered doctors, but these days??? If you are lucky to have parents who never looked down on your dreams and encouraged you to make your own choice of career, you are blessed.

So very recently, i got to understand again that no profession, or should i use the word course is useless. None whatsoever, i must tell you.  Trying to prepare some students for the recently written English waec exams, this lesson was one that i learnt all over again. You see, in that gathering, there were lots of tutors; some were maths gurus- everything in the sciences they knew and understood. I always wondered how they could understand the scribbling and unholy calculations while i never could solve the simplest equation. Yes, i was that poor in the sciences. But here were teachers who lived and breathed for anything science. They spoke it, read it, taught it. Everything about them showed their love for the  sciences. I respected them. I understood that it was their path.


I was different however and i had those who were like me. The English language and literature made me happy. Analyzing books, essays and  the likes gave me life. And there were many more persons like me, i know. The troubling thing is that people usually undermine the arts, they believe it is a profession for the lazy and faint hearted. But how true is this myth?

When we got to the oral session of the tutorial, i noticed that the crowd that had previously gathered had reduced. I wondered if perhaps people were tired of learning, including the science teachers who had flocked into the room to ridicule the art tutors telling them in jest that there was nothing difficult about the English language in particular. But funny enough, those same people were nowhere to be found when the going got tough.

Later on, after the tutorial had come to an end, one of the tutors walked up to me and said “How do you guys manage to differentiate the sounds? For the life of me, i cannot understand it no matter how hard i try to” I smiled and tried to explain to him in simple terms how to identify the sounds but i eventually saw that he wasn’t willing to learn, he already felt he couldn’t.


The same goes for the various language courses; Yoruba, french, igbo, Latin, Greek,Russian, German and the likes. I can recollect when i was in my third year in the university, we were given an assignment in oral literature to work and study closely the Egungun festival. Of course, i knew nothing about it and neither did any of my group members. What did we do? We approached a very talented lady who was also in her third year studying Yoruba. This lady was a blessing. She taught us dance steps, advised us on costume, gave us chants and taught us how to chant it like true Egungun worshipers. Her help led my group to having one of the best presentations. That was her talent. Her field. To have tried to compete with her and ridicule her line of study would have been nothing less than horrendous.

No man is an island. No profession is a waste. Just as the farmer feeds, the doctor heals, the teacher tutors, the engineers repair and many more. These professions are in sync. They work hand in hand. No nation can function well without the co-operation of every profession.

So before you talk down about that course, profession, remember the plumber who fixes the leak in your pipe is as important as the teacher who enlightens minds. The computer guru is as important as the writer. The Igbo teacher is also as important as the one who helps the health. The pianist is as important as the one who controls traffic. NO profession is a WASTE!!!


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