How Do You Spend Your Waiting Time?

Yes!  You read correctly. Waiting time!

You know how when a woman is heavy with child,  she goes through some process before the baby eventually comes?  That’s her waiting time. In her first trimester,  she is advised to eat some certain food,  exercise well,  watch her drug intake and all of that.  Up till the time of delivery, she keeps going through a process. She is advised to take deep breathes, monitor her contractions and all of that. Until when the doctors think she is ready do they wheel her into the labour room.

Now,  in life, in as much as we are alive and there is breath in us,  we will always have a waiting time. It could be the period after secondary school, when you are waiting for that notification that brings the good news of your admission into a university.  It could be after your degree,  when you are awaiting Almighty NYSC,  it could be after NYSC,  when you await your dream job. It could be waiting for that capital to start your own business. It could be waiting for a new job to take away the stress of your current job.  It could be waiting for the special visitation of God. It could be waiting for that dream man or woman. It could be waiting for that baby.  It could even be waiting for the excess weight to drop.

Whatever you are waiting for,  the question is how do you wait?  What do you do while you wait?

Do you make adequate use of your time or do you waste your time doing frivolous,  unglorifying things? Do you mummur and complain rather than build up your faith? Do you bribe, Gossip just to earn that promotion?

The question again is just what do you do while you wait?

Remember Jesus?  While he was waiting for his time of fulfilment, the appointed time ,  he visited and sat at the feet of teachers to learn. Yes,  he did!

That you are not where you want to be yet is not a reason to become desolate or “unuseful” Use your waiting time well. The knowledge you gather during that period will come in handy when your long awaited blessing comes.

Learn a skill. Take courses (you could start with free ones),  serve God with an unyielding faith. Get another degree. The most important thing is to do something noteworthy while you wait.

Let not your story be like that of the brides who waited and sat pretty while they awaited their groom. At the end of the day,  when the groom came,  they were not ready!

Use your waiting time wisely.

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