The Twist

In a haze, Theresa watched as the gate was flung open by a guard and Ade raced into the large compound. The house was so big, it looked monstrous. The only house Theresa had even seen that was so big was that of her uncle in Calabar but even that house did not come close to this.
Her uncle’s house always opened welcoming arms to whoever visited. There was something about the house that seemed to breathe peace and love. Theresa always enjoyed visiting her uncle whenever she was permitted to. This house was different; it appeared cold. Dark grey eyes yelled to visitors to behave themselves, thick lips spoke of strange and mysterious happenings in the house. The house lacked joy.
“Get out! ” Ade snapped causing Theresa to jump in fright. He pulled the door open and dragged her out. By that time, the gate had been closed back and there didn’t seem like a way of escape anywhere. Theresa’s mind was blank; she couldn’t pray and she couldn’t think. She wanted to scream, to cry, to fight but she knew if she attempted to do anything, she might join her Father in the other world.
Ade held her arm and led her into the house, where death and danger laid wait for her. “Sit down. I’ll be back” He said and left the room locking the door behind him.
“Just in case you want to try anything stupid. ” He said before he left the room, a malicious glint in his eyes. Theresa could not have known that to Ade, she was his ticket to his Madam’s good will. She couldn’t have known that he hoped to use her beauty to win Madam over to his side.
In confusion and fear, Theresa looked around the room, taking in the large TV that seemed to swallow up one side of the room. She noticed the closed windows and the tightly drawn curtains. She looked at the Portraits on the wall, hoping to catch a glimpse of something personal about the house but she failed at that. There was nothing personal about the room. Oh, it was beautiful and tastefully decorated but it was ugly as a whole. She shivered countless times both as aresult of fright and the cold air which circulated the room.
“Are they looking for me already? Do they even know that I’ve been kidnapped? If only I can be spared. I will always be contented” She thought to herself, fresh tears dropping down her cheeks.

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