Wrath-full : Book Excerpt

“Reports reaching us say that the police are not relenting in their efforts to find the perpetuators of the crime. On the 23rd of Ferburary, a branch of Atlantic Bank, Maryland had been bombed. Several lives had been lost with others left severely injured. The bank Manager, Mr Charles Ufoma who had been on his way out of the bank had died instantly. The bank building was also totally wrecked in the bombing. Thirteen people have been reported dead and eighteen injured. We will bring you further information about the case.”
The three police officers watched the news together and when it ended, the TV was switched off. Inspector Ade Orimogunje was known for his tactfulness and ease in solving hard cases. He was intelligent, prudent and efficient; he loved his job. Inspector Ade was worried and when he was, hell was let loose. “Bomb? In my vicinity? In Lagos? We must solve this case. The perpetuator must not go scot free.” He said to the other two officers in the room.
“You must start work immediately. Check our files. I want to know if there has ever been a case of attempted bombing in Lagos. I want to know if any suspected terrorist was caught recently. Visit the hospital, talk to those who are well enough to talk. In two days, we meet here again for a meeting. You had better bring me news.” He said.
“Yes sir!” The officers said as they saluted and left the office.
The two officers were both smart and highly intelligent and that was why they had been chosen. Though officer Chike was older than Officer Josiah, that did not cause any friction in their work, the two officers worked well together and everyone knew that.
“The question is where exactly do we start from. I suggest we go to the hospital immediately.” Officer Chike said.
“Well, great idea. But why not let us visit the bombed building again. Who knows if we could pick up something we missed before.” Josiah suggested.
“Nice thought. It makes sense. Can we move now?” The other replied and they went off to their destination.
The two had been at the crime scene before but today, it felt and looked different. The building looked lonely and cried for justice; the officers only hoped they could help. They moved further into the building and stared at the ruin. Recalling the information the bomb analyst who had been brought to review the case had given them, the officers wandered around the building trying to create a picture.
“It is obvious that the bomb did not go off inside the banking hall. It must have exploded somewhere between the door and the security post. This is because that part of the building was more ruined. Also, those who were around that area had been the most affected. Also, I can gather that the bomb was good but not superb. It was no hi-tech; if it was, it might have been easier to smuggle into the bank without much trouble. My conclusion is that the bomb was made by an experienced but local bomb maker. It was meant to cause damage, but not complete damage.” The Bomb Analyst had informed them.
Officer Chike walked towards the place he suspected the bank doors had been erected. He remembered that some few steps away from the door was where a guard’s mangled body had been found. He bent down and picked up a up of stone, coupled with dirt. This, he let run through his hands as he thought. “What could have happened? Who set this off and why?” Those same questions had passed through the mind of many but none had found an answer.
“Josiah! We must solve this case. We won’t rest until we do.”

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