Not All That Glitters! 

Not too long ago, I visited an older friend of mine at his place of work. After eating and catching up on gist,  it was time to leave and then he asked his driver to take me home.

As I sat in the car,  the driver pulled out his mobile phone and dialled a number. I couldn’t hear what the other person said very well,  but from the high pitched tone of the person’s voice, I knew it was a woman. The conversation was something similar to this.

“Hello. How are you. You no even bother to check on me.” This was the driver speaking.

I’m sure the person at the other end of the phone made an appropriate response to his greetings because she immediately asked him where he was.

“I’m driving. Just leaving work. Today’s meetings were so hectic. I want to go somewhere and relax. I have a very early conference meeting tomorrow also”, he said in reply to her question.

“I’ll send you recharge card when I park”, he said as he ended the call.

Where I sat,  I didn’t know whether to burst into tears or to start laughing. I mean here was someone who was telling a lie so confidently. I don’t think he even remembered I was in the car as he talked. It was perplexing. I wondered what he did with the car when he was alone, if he could do that when someone was with him.

Now,  when I got home, I narrated this story to a friend and the first thing she said was “And someone out there will be envious of this guy, thinking he owns a car.” I saw sense in her statement.

“That’s true o. Only God knows the lies he tells his neighbours. I wonder where they think he works”, I responded as I also thought about it.

The thing is many times, we beat ourselves up over inconsequential things. We want what Titi has,  we want Timothy’s shoes. We want Chioma’s apartment. Has it ever occurred to you that not everything that glitters is gold? How do you know the car is John’s or the Brazilian hair is really Jennifer’s?

How do you know that that marriage is really perfect or that person’s life is better than yours? How do you know the other person has it more better and easier than you do?

The key is contentment. The time you spend envying,  grumbling, blaspheming and even plotting evil to get what someone else has can be spent in other fruitful areas. The thoughts Your maker has for you are for good and not of evil, to bring you to your desired end.

Believe and hold on firmly to your faith and in so short a while,  it will happen.

P. S: I did not snitch on the driver, but I know one day he will get caught. Isn’t everyday for the thief and one day for the owner?


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