Aren’t We All “Ifes?”

  Have you ever thoroughly disliked a person? I mean so thoroughly that you cannot find anything minutely good about that person? That the mere thought of that person, or the mere sight of that individual makes you want to puke? If you haven’t, I wonder how else to tell you that you are a... Continue Reading →


Sitting in a bus, waiting for it to get filled…the woman approaches, dressed in white, from her head gear to her rubber slippers, together with the special effect the white powder on her neck and face created, she was ready for that day’s job. She was good, eloquent and fluent in the Yoruba language. She... Continue Reading →


  As a child, I used to hear the common phrase “if you want to hide something from a black man, put it in a book.” Some say, “write it down.” I couldn’t understand why black men should be thought of with such contempt. Beautiful, highly intelligent blacks, of which I was a part. Then... Continue Reading →


The crowd, so many people- thankfully, most of them smelled nice! What did I expect anyway? This was the heart of Lagos where everyone was expected be “on point”. "I don’t have money, the country is hard!" one hears both the rich, not so rich and the poor say at every opportunity. It had become... Continue Reading →


  It was crowded; The whole place jam-packed with everyone minding their businesses I also went about mine, To do what I came to do After all, I came so I could eat Others were there for the same reason Some to sell, some to buy It was called a market.   Full of the... Continue Reading →


So, the bulb in our bedroom got bad and I went on a quest with my sister to get a new one. After moving from one shop to the other, we finally decided to buy from a woman after we had realised that the price of bulb had not been hyped by the previous shops... Continue Reading →

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