I Do Not Have To Take Your Advice!

If you are a Nigerian, you are forced to be familiar with unsolicited advice. In fact, it has become an inevitable affair. People just want to air their opinions even if you do not want to hear it. A while ago, my cousin was graduating and to an extent, it was a big affair. I …


Carve That Niche!

Over time I've come to observe that one thing about successful people is that they operate in the areas in which they have the greatest strength. They carve a niche for themselves in that particular area and go on to make the best of it. Successful people tend to ooze confidence. They just know that …

Not All That Glitters! 

Do you always find yourself longing for what others have? Being unnecessarily envious of people or constantly blaspheming because you think you have nothing? This is for you: Think Again!