Perfect Father!

Stuck in traffic today, I happened to gaze through the window and I saw a woman. This woman was quite young, she had a baby at her back and two other ones dragging after her. The oldest couldn't have been any thing over five, while the other child was about two. This woman bent to …


Not All That Glitters! 

Do you always find yourself longing for what others have? Being unnecessarily envious of people or constantly blaspheming because you think you have nothing? This is for you: Think Again!

The Twist

In a haze, Theresa watched as the gate was flung open by a guard and Ade raced into the large compound. The house was so big, it looked monstrous. The only house Theresa had even seen that was so big was that of her uncle in Calabar but even that house did not come close …

Is there really an easy profession?


Remember before you talk down about that course, profession, remember the plumber who fixes the leak in your pipe is as important as the teacher who enlightens minds. The computer guru is as important as the writer. The Igbo teacher is also as important as the one who helps the health. The pianist is as important as the one who controls traffic. NO profession is a WASTE!!!